Wednesday class, October 2018
Students’ paintings! Critique on the last day of the term.

More students’ photos are available at Suemae Art Studio on FB.

Caroline B. Ventura, CA

I had a good experience learning via Zoom at SBCC these past couple months. I highly recommend it to everyone. I’m a senior living in Ventura, and I wouldn’t have been able formerly to attend the Chinese Calligraphy class in person, because it was at a site in West Santa Barbara, way to far for me to drive.

For me, having taken a number of classes at the Schott Center, I prefer Zoom because I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home, and with a hearing loss, I actually can hear the instructor better, as she speaks right into microphone, and I can adjust the volume.

In addition, for something like art, demonstrations are easier to see, because the camera can be adjusted right over what the instructor is creating, and you can see every little movement. You can even photograph it from your screen.

Finally, the Chinese Calligraphy teacher, Suemae Willhite, is excellent. Having been a teacher for thirty years, I recognize the qualities of a good teacher. Suemae is organized, and gives you explicit directions and what materials are needed. She evaluates your work with kindness, yet tells you gently what you can do to improve. I find her principles will apply to other disciplines whether different kinds of art or any area of life.

I don’t plan on being a Chinese Calligrapher, but so glad I took this course, because it will improve the way I do mixed media, abstract painting.

I plan to take more Zoom classes. I’m very grateful for them.

One more thing: I can’t thank the people at SBCC enough for helping me register. They were so efficient and kind. What a wonderful organization. How lucky is our community!

Caroline Blakemore

Bette S. of Ojai, CA

“I have been taking Chinese Brush Painting and Meditation from Suemae Lin Willhite since January, 2013. With no prior formal art training, I’ve been delighted by what a joyful process it’s been to start from making “Happy Dots”  with a brush and ink, to learn Chinese calligraphy, and then explore brush  painting subjects including bamboo, orchid, butterfly and lotus with Chinese  watercolors.  Suemae has such infectious energy and a genuine love of her art form.  Each class begins with a meditation led by Suemae, setting an  atmosphere of peaceful spirit which invites the flow of creative energy.  She demonstrates each step of the lessons, and then works individually with each   student at whatever level they may be.”
“How fortunate we are to have such an  authentic teacher who lives by the principles of the art she is passing on to others!”
“I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning
an ancient art that requires discipline and practice yet gives back a relaxing, rewarding experience.”

Donna of Colorado
“Chinese  calligraphy class and Suemae are a gift to our community. I think we are so fortunate to have a master from Taiwan at SBCC. Some of the benefits of practicing calligraphy include: Learning a meditative skill, Personal discipline, Developing an understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture. ”

Lizzie of Northridge, CA
“Suemae’s class allows her students to fully experience and appreciate the beautiful and classic art of Chinese calligraphy and brush painting! Also, she provides historical background to this art form that enriches the students’ experience.”