Workshops with Suemae in Santa Barbara:

Dancing Brush Studio by SuemaeArt

Students will be instructed on supplies, techniques, and processes of  Chinese calligraphy and brush painting.

ART Supplies: A review of a supply list on the first day of your workshop,
please wait to  purchase your supplies for Chinese calligraphy & brush paintings.
For this zoom class, you must have a laptop or ipad with a speaker and camera that is portable so you can place it in front of you.  Also to have room on a flat table to set up your calligraphy station to view and follow my teaching.

Beginning in Meditation & Chinese calligraphy via of Zoom:
Group lesson available upon request, please allow 2.5 hours.
Class structure:
Please join me and others to learn this meditative art form.
We will begin with a 10 minutes meditation, basic strokes, a simple phrase to complement your painting
1-1:10 meditation
1:10-2:00 Basic calligraphy strokes and phrase.
2:00- A 10 minutes break!
2:10-3:30 Students to practice and  get feed-back and personal instructions from Suemae.
Please email suemae with your age, artist background.
Pre-paid is required: $35 per lesson or all 4 days for $120.
Art supplies: basic kit to begin calligraphy is $40
Please prepaid at Venmo: @Suemae-Willhite or paypal:

Santa Barbara City College/SEL
Fall term, session 2:
Subjects: Chinese calligraphy collage and Maple leaves fall colors
Mondays, CRN 41667 or Wednesdays, CRN 41665, 1-4:25 pm.
Spring term:
Session 1:  1/11/21 to 3/6/21
Mondays, CRN 65795 or Wednesday  CRN 65791
Session 2:  3/8/21 to 5/8/21
Mondays, CRN 65796 or Wednesdays, CRN 65792
Chinese calligraphy & brush painting
These Workshops are for seniors in Sb county or must be over 18 years old.
The page also has a link to an updated help page

which lists the email and phone number students can use if they need help with enrolling. The new phone support number and hours of operation are:

(805) 683-8205  
Telephone hours of operation:

Monday- Thursday 9 a.m. – noon and  4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Please leave a voice mail message for them to call you back on your cell phone, someone will call you guide you thru the system.


$95/hour, private lessons.
Group of TWO students, $49/hour per person.
Group of THREE Students, $39/hour per person.

For larger groups, please inquire.
3 hours is ideal, 2 Hours Minimum.
(Private lessons, all your supplies are included for first 3 sessions only)

Contact:, please email me your date & time for private lesson.

Please prepaid at Venmo: @Suemae-Willhite or paypal:

To reserve your space, & please provide the following information:
Student’s Name:

Time & date:

Experience: Please describe your current level with regards to your familiarity and understanding of Chinese brush painting (none required)
Lectures &  Demonstrations to schools or private groups are available upon request, 10 students & more. 

Name translation service available upon request:

First name or last name translation or a phrase

$95 per hour included finished calligraphy size: 11″ X 14″.

Please prepaid at Venmo: @Suemae-Willhite or email: for Zoom link.

Mounting workshop dates:  upon request!

Rice paper after your painting requires a wet mounting process, it takes about 3-4 hours then 24 hours of drying time.

2 paintings per student. Please email  for approval of your paintings prior to workshop date.

You must have everything completed 24 hours prior to the mounting date, your calligraphy, and stamping.

Cost:  original painting sizes: 11″ X 14″  $110 , 12″ X 16″ $125,  13″ x 17″  $140 for 2 paintings.  if your original paintings are larger than described above, cost will be increased. All mounting supplies are included.

Lectures &  Demonstrations to schools or private groups are available upon request, 10 students & more. 


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