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What our customers are saying: They are Gorgeous!

They are as like timeless beauty of Kimonos!

Get them as gifts, easy to breathe and talk in them with comfort and style.

Each Face Mask has a removable anodized flexible wire in the top seam to conform the top edge under eyeglasses or sunglasses to help mitigate fogging of lenses and enhance coverage, which will not rust or stain the fabric.  Made with 100% cotton, double layers, re-usable.  Size: approximately  5″ X 7″. *fit varies.

Pocket shaped construction allows additional filter to be housed within. 2nd layer is made with a lighter cotton fabric to allow easy breathing and comfort.

Washing instructions: please remove wire and put mask in a laundry bag before washing and hang to dry.

Methods of payment: Venmo@Suemae-Willhite or paypal:suemae7@msn.com

Santa Barbara Local customers, email: suemae7@msn.com and arrange for pick up.

Handmade by Susette Willhite  Only ship in US at this time.

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